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card solutions

We offer innovative and future-proof, open-loop and closed-loop card solutions for corporate customers – online, offline, as physical cards or purely electronic concepts. We also provide suitable platforms with individual functions for our applications.
Possible areas of application include the loyalty or benefit sector. Our solutions offer diverse applications and numerous advantages – for both your customers and your employees. Be it for a digital voucher system, classic customer cards or flexible employee cards. Together with you, we determine your needs and find the perfect card solution for your requirements.

Physical and electronic card solutions from DIGITAL RELOAD:

  • Voucher systems
  • Employee cards
  • Corporate cards
  • Prepaid credit card solutions
  • Loyalty cards


Vouchers are popular gifts and modern, flexible gift cards are the perfect solution for this continuously growing trend. The practical cards in a compact format are now an integral part of the retail trade and broaden the product range without the need for warehousing. Suppliers benefit from the presence of their brand at considerably more points of sale (POS) and the effective linking of offline and online worlds.
The decisive factors for purchasing are attractive presentation, brand variety and uncomplicated handling – for both buyers and suppliers. In addition to the card system, we also offer you distribution, services, fulfillment offers, logistics, merchandising, display management as well as the conception, design and integration of your own regional and national voucher cards and thus everything important for successful sales. From one source and reliable. Our gift cards have all the advantages of an integrated and well considered payment system and are convenient and safe to manage. Ask us about our gift card solutions, we will be happy to advise you.

Gift cards from DIGITAL RELOAD:

  • enormous potential for additional sales and customer loyalty
  • very high acceptance as a means of payment by your customers
  • the customer turnover usually exceeds the nominal value of the voucher
  • expands the sales base – for example as a gift from regular customers to new customers
  • minimum effort for activation and processing
  • elegant alternative for returning or exchanging goods


Employee cards or personnel vouchers are a modern, uncomplicated and a popular way of saying thank you to your employees and staff. With up to EUR 50 per month as a tax-free non-cash benefit or EUR 1080 per calendar year as a staff discount, they are also flexible and versatile. Tax-friendly for both employer and employee, an employee card can be used, for example, as a credit for breaktime meals or as a redemption option in your own company. To do this, a certain amount is simply posted to the card on a recurring basis and can be redeemed in selected stores. Just the way it is best for you and your employees.

Corporate Cards

Corporate Cards or company credit cards are a simple and practical way of accounting for your employees’ professional expenses in a bundled and clear manner. Be it the costs for expenses, fuel, accommodation or transport. Individually issued to each employee, the cards allow for a high degree of individual customization and practical administration. And at the same time, they are a great relief for your employees. We offer you numerous, tailor-made solutions for corporate cards as well as the best all-round service.


The secure solution: A co-branded Mastercard or Visa card in your company’s individual design is the perfect electronic open-loop gift card. Preloaded, one-time or dynamically rechargeable, whether in fixed value or flexible, a prepaid credit card guarantees worldwide acceptance as well as secure and easy handling for both sides.


Loyalty cards are the optimal solution to bind your customers to your company permanently and purposefully. They offer attractive incentives for repeat purchases, additional purchases and active recommendation. This is achieved by means of various programs such as discount, premium or bonus functions. In addition, the cards can be easily limited in terms of region or time and offered as an open or closed system. We will find the perfect customer card for you and your company.